For enthusiasts wanting to make Grain based spirits, Rum, Gins & more.

It’s fast, efficient and easy to use

A Pure pot still is used when you want the flavour of the wash to come through.
For instance, if you ferment fruit, grains or molasses, it will allow some of that flavour to enter your distillate. If you use a reflux still like the Home Spirit Maker, you would just end up with pure, unflavoured vodka. Inject some flavour into your drinks with the Pure Distilling Pot Still!

Fast – 4.5L/hr with alcohol or 2.8L/hr with water

With the use of our specially formulated Rum and Whisky yeast you can ensure you get the maximum
conversion of sugars into alcohol during fermentation.

If you’re looking to make a whisky or Bourbon the key grains in your grain a combination or stand alone of
Corn, Rye and Barley.
Different recipes will include all, some or one of the grains listed above in many different quantities and combinations to ensure you capture the perfect flavour for the spirit that you are chasing. (You can always experiment with different amounts to create your own unique flavour).
Our yeast will enhance the flavour you are chasing, and have you wanting to make more and more…

If it’s a Rum that you are chasing then look no further than a good amount of Molasses and Brown sugar.
The blend of Brown sugar and Molasses varies from recipe to recipe.

If Rums and Whisky’s don’t do it for you and you prefer the delectable floral and citrusy flavours of Gin or fruit vodka’s
then we have the equipment for you!
With our brand new Gin baskets you can achieve this with ease, just add any herb’s, spices, fruits or botanicals into the basket, attach the basket inside the column of the Pot condenser, and by distilling a mixture of water and neutral spirits in your boiling vessel you will extract the flavours straight out of the basket into your spirits!
It’s as easy as that.

Add the finishing touches to your creations by soaking your spirits in oak barrel chunks will add the final colour, flavour and smoothness that will make all of your senses pop!
If you can’t justify the expense of buying a barrel; you have the option of Bourbon, Whiskey & Rum chunks to do the job that a barrel would and at a much cheaper cost.

Your Distilling journey doesn’t end with Reflux distilling & essences. (Even though its a great and rewarding way to distill)
If you wish to perfect your craft then Pot distilling is the route for you, the options for flavour are limitless.
If you wish to take the leap and expand your distilling horizons then check out our where to buy page on the link below
and visit your local homebrew shop for more information and advice!


In Australia it is illegal to use this system to produce alcohol for consumption without a licence from the Customs and Excise Department

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2 Responses

  1. Hi
    I have the pot still and spirit maker.
    Having watched the you tube video with the spirit maker being put through its paces I was wondering when a similar video will be released on the pot still.
    The spirit maker video gave me a further insight in its operation.
    Thought a video on the pot still would help me to know when to shut down. Presently I run to a temperature level of 96°C with a cutoff at 55%ABV
    Maybe a video by the expert will give me an insight to a more flavoursome molasses based rum using PD rum yeast.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Greg
      We will be putting out some videos on the Pot Condenser early in the new year, specifically Rum and Gin, with a Whisky some after. I think you are cutting off too early, with my Rums I collect right up to 98 degrees, ABV is down to between 10-20%. I collect in a bunch of collection jars, maybe upto 2 litres in the first then in 400ml increments until the flavour or ABV is too low. With my Whisky I start collect in 250ml jars from the start.
      The Rum yeast likes to run very hot arround 35 degrees for best results, and I then put the spirit with our Rum Barrel Chunks which produces a great result.

      Hope that helps
      All the best Andrew

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