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The Pure Distilling Reflux Condenser has revolutionised they way you distill forever.

  • Effortless Operation

From the moment you remove the Reflux Condenser from the box, you will realise how easy everything is. Set the water flow once, and simply check ONE thermometer to see when the process is complete. No constant water adjustments and monitoring of multiple thermometers – just plug it in & go!

  • Smart Design

What is the reason the Reflux Condenser looks less complicated than other distilling condensers? It is less complicated! All the fancy technical stuff has gone into the internal design – rather than wires and tubes everywhere – allowing our condenser to have better performance than competitors, while actually being easier to use

  • Built To Last

Every Reflux Condenser we make goes through rigorous lab testing and quality checks to ensure optimal performance. This isn’t a case of a mass produced flimsy Chinese build – the Reflux Condenser is made to last decades. We back this in by offering a 5 year warranty with every Reflux Condenser made! 
  • Australian Made

This is the only commercially available Reflux Condenser that isn’t produced in China. Our Condensers proudly carry the Made in Australia logo, and we use 100% Australian Kembla Copper. Along with our lead free brass and solder design, this will ensure you are making the purest & cleanest spirit possible.

Reflux Condenser

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