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We're bringing the craft (and fun!) back into distilling

We’re helping your customers to achieve their dream distilling setup. Go pro with our T500 Adaptors and a premium hardware selection.

Mix & match with upgrade options such as our Sightglass Kits, 100% Australian copper extensions, Proofing Parrot Kit and our premium Filter Spindle Kits that fit directly onto the EZ Filter – just to name a few!

Help your customers chase the perfect taste with our wide range of consumables such as premium barrel chunks, gin botanicals and 50+ essence flavourings.

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Welcome to the future of distilling.

The Pure Distilling Reflux Condenser has revolutionised the way you distill forever.

  • Effortless operation

From the moment you remove the Reflux Condenser from the box, you will realise how easy everything is. Set the water flow once, and simply check ONE thermometer to see when the process is complete. No constant water adjustments and monitoring of multiple thermometers – just plug it in & go!
  • Elegant Design 

The reason the Reflux Condenser looks less complicated than other stills?  It IS less complicated!  All the fancy technical stuff has gone into the internal design, rather than wires and tubes everywhere, allowing this still to have BETTER performance than competitors, while actually being easier to use. 

  • Built To Last

The Reflux Condenser is designed and manufactured at our warehouse in Tasmania, Australia. We are a 100% Australian owned company and our condensers are built with 100% Australian Kembla Copper. This isn’t a case of a mass produced flimsy Chinese build – the Reflux Condenser is made to last decades.

Reflux Condenser

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Client Testimonials

From our initial sign-up to ordering and delivery, their system and customer service is quick, efficient and helpful, making the whole process easy and transparent. We have dedicated a section of our store to their products, with the view to expand the range as their popularity continues to increase within our customer community.”
Sam, Narre Brew Supplies. VIC
Since stocking Pure Distilling equipment and ingredients, I have only had positive feedback from customers. They have a great range of different and popular flavours and they back this up with friendly service and helpful advice.”

Craig, Brewers Choice Browns Plains. QLD

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